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Primary / Secondary Simultaneous Process Equipment (Primary / Secondary Filter)

Dirty liquid coming out of the processing machine is processed for even higher precision processing.
Filters out particles over 10μm.

Magnet Filter Reearth [RE]

  • This model is high grade than ever before magnetic conveyor one. We called "ONE-PASS" method filter which has function of primary and secondary filtration is unique structure. Not only CUTTING PROCESS but also GRINDING PROCESS are capable to select.

Primary Process Equipment (Primary Filter)

Processes dirty liquid drained from machine tools.
Filters out particles over 30μm.

Drum Filter [ RDIII, MD, RC ]

  • Filter cake filtering of coolant, washing agents, and chips of both magnetic particles and non-magnetic particles materials by means of a cylindrical rotary drum installed in a conveyor equipped with a filtering media appropriate to specifications.

Two-Stages Filter [ FILCON (RDF) ]

  • Thoroughly filters coarse steel and aluminum chips and stringy "bird's nest" chips that are problematic for scrap conveyors and cause drum filter net damage and other problems.

Magnet Filter [ MF ]

  • This filter has a magnetic plate installed inside on the bottom and a connecting duct on top, both of which are part of a novel design for achieving maximum performance.

Secondary Processing Equipment (Secondary Filter)

Further processes liquid processed already at primary stage.
Filters out particles over 10μm.

Cyclone Filter [ μ-TRON (MT) ]

  • Liquid and sludge is separated by using a pump to generate a whirlpool inside the filter. Filters 90% and 20μm over.
    Requires no consummables and replacing parts.

Magnet Separator [ Magton (MGT) ]

  • A pump delivers primary processed dirty coolant or grinding dirty coolant to the magnetic separator. When the coolant passes through the magnetic separator drum it seizes and filters out sludge. Filters 90% and 10μm over.
    Requires no consummables and replacing parts.

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