Doing business in a way that wins customer's trust

MOSNIC's predecessors, NIFCO PLANT CO.LTD and SYST CORPORATION, both established in 1978, spent many years developing and manufacturing coolant filters, a business they developed in step with the advance of the automobile industry.

Carrying on both the spirit and technological preeminence of these two companies, MOSNIC continuously dares to take on the challenges of the new and unknown. Using a deep reservoir of experience and know-how built up over many years, we work tirelessly to broaden the range of system choices for and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

MOSNIC has succeeded in bringing about numerous major innovations in response to such modern problems as industrial waste processing and energy conservation. Our company is committed to continuing our work on the challenges posed by the most pressing and complicated problems of filtering technology and finding new and innovative solutions to them.

MOSNIC's production division entered overseas markets early on. Since 1986, the company has been building a global network through technical partnerships with businesses in the US, EU, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere. As a result of these undertakings, MOSNIC coolant filters and technology are in wide and active use overseas.

For after purchase servicing needs as well, our network of partnerships with overseas companies means that customers have their needs attended to no matter where they may be.

Even as the nature of business changes with the times, at MOSNIC doing business in a way that wins the customer's trust is something that never changes.

As we go forward, you can expect to continue seeing MOSNIC at the vanguard of technological innovation and as a manufacturer of exceptionally innovative and dependable products.

President and CEO Yasumasa Suzuki

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